709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

Bo Lankenau

December 28, 2014  ·  5pm

Bo Lankenau grew up in Chappaqua, New York listening to classic blues, soul, rock, jazz and folk music of the 50’s and the 60’s. Influenced by everyone from Robert Johnson, to Jerry Garcia, to Leo Kottke, his style is a refreshing mix of new and old that ranges from slow melancholy musings to upbeat in-your-face dance music.
Bo is an award winning songwriter who has written hundreds of compositions and a film score. He is renowned for his creative rhythmic altered tunings and harmonica stylings.
Bo had an extensive career as an instrumental acoustic guitarist in Mendicino, CA where he self-released three albums on cassette. During those formative years, Bo had the opportunity to meet and jam with Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers), and Bob Weir (Grateful Dead).
In recent years, Bo has had the opportunity to open for Buddy Guy, Betty Lavyette, Al Green, and soon Robert Randolph (May 11th 2013) and Tommy Emmanuel (June 7th, 2013).