709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

Joe Bell & The Stinging Blades

January 31, 2015  ·  8pm $8

Conceived in cigarette smoke and nurtured on cold beer…such is the genesis of the Stinging Blades. A bar band down to the marrow, this band knows how to keep a joint rocking. Their rootsy mixture of Memphis Soul, New Orleans R&B, Blues and Rock & Roll combines high quality cover tunes with finely honed original songs, all played with real feeling and focus. This band jams. They lift the atmosphere to a musically higher plane while remaining anchored in the carnal pelvic funk. A looseness is there which allows for flashes of psychedelia that spin into musical ecstasy. If it’s feeling, quality tunes and a healthy portion of Rock & Roll magic you seek, let the Stinging Blades cut off a slice for you.
Joe Bell (vocals, harmonica), George Hindenach (drums), Bill McCarthy (guitar), Dick MacPhail (guitar), Chuck Taylor (bass), Lindsay Rosebrock (keyboards) and sometimes Joe MacPhail (keyboards)