709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

BNG Christmas Party with Handsome Al & the Lookers with Emma Davis

December 23, 2016  ·  Friday * 9pm * $8

Deck the halls and jingle into Christmas weekend on a high note!

Each member of Handsome Al and the Lookers has been making music for lots of years. Dave and Alan most recently with the “Chicken Fried Blues Band,” Emma with “Big Mama E and the Cool,” Richard not so recently with “Nantucket” and “BJ Thomas,” Steve with Al and Dave in “Marie LeBleu & the Comitz.” Boils down to this .. the guys can play and the girl can sing. Have a listen … it’s all in the music.

Emma Davis – vocals
Alan Heckle – guitar, vocals
Dave Youngman – keyboard, sax, guitar, vocals
Steve Boletchek – bass
Richard Gates – drums