709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

Bull City Brakemen

April 29, 2015  ·  8pm/No Cover

The “Bull City Breakmen” are a folk rock band from Durham, North Carolina. Singing mostly originals, their songs feature vocal harmonies of bass and harmonica player, Kelly Howerton, and front man, rhythm guitarist, David King. Kelly and David are truly vocal, soul mates whose voices give the music a rich, deep and resonate texture.
Add to this, tasteful guitar and slide leads of veteran blues man, Warren Johnson and you’ve got quite a mix. Warren’s leads never overpower or show off, but always compliment and blend into the established rhythm. With jam session flavor, they are simultaneously raw, heart-felt and edgy, but smooth and go down like fancy, well-aged whisky, often intoxicating and entrancing listeners as Warren’s fingers glide along the fret board Amtrak like toward their intended destinies.

Listeners are taken on a musical journey across lands inhabited by old world grape arbors and tailors, black, southern “hootchie, cootchie” blues men, elevator operators, old Durham neighborhoods, Wal-Mart, frackers and dummies falling in love.

Often poetic, humorous and satiric, their lyrics are a menagerie of image and language, tapestries woven together with stories that connect thematically and take the listener’s imagination on a flight toward some serious message.
With percussionist, JR Verdejo’s steady, tasteful dejembe drum, or shaker egg rhythms, this is a band you can grove with, or just kick back and listen to lyrics. With so much original material, they are always keeping their eggs fresh. After one show, an audience member commented, it was like being immersed in “a string, rhythm tidal wave!”
Hop on board and ride with “The Bull City Brakemen!”

Chooooo. Choooooo!