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709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

The Well Respected Men / The Mannish Boys

June 9, 2018  ·  Saturday * 8pm * $8


The Well Respected Men are a group of longtime record fanatics who specialize in the music and majesty of The Kinks spanning their mid-60s British Invasion beginnings up to a selection of the RCA & Arista years. Come prepared to dance.  Kinks kovers played by (alphabetically) Jefferson Hart, Peter Holsapple, Glenn Jones, Jody Maxwell and Andrew Snee.

The Mannish Boys play music that’s inspired by the American Garage Rock scene of the 1960s, as well as R&B and soul music from the early 60’s and are reminiscent of the vibrant music scene of early 1960’s London.

Hailing from Charlotte, NC, the Mannish Boys have waved the garage rock flag with pride for over 20 years. Founding guitarist and singer Jake Berger has had his fingerprints on some of Charlotte’s best-known bands for decades, as a founding member of both the Spongetones, Might Diamelles, and the Belmont Playboys. The current lineup of the band has its most impressive pedigree in its history. Drummer Rob Thorne is in the North Carolina Music Hall Of Fame as a member of the Catalinas, recorded for United Artists Records in 1968 with the New Mix, and then served nearly 35 years as a founding member of the Spongetones. Bassist and keyboardist Greg James is considered the Spongetones’ longtime fifth member, and played bass and sang with the ‘Tones during the mid-1980s. And guitarist/bassist JC Matlak has played with bands throughout the region for decades, and brings a third harmony vocal to a powerful lineup.

The Mannish Boys bring it, and bring it all. Garage rock, British Invasion, blues and early R&B. The band plays the songs that they grew up on, as did you, and that you want to hear again. Ragged and loose in all of the good ways, like a Rock & Roll used to be, and is again.
-Daniel Coston