709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

The Tornado Blues Band

August 26, 2017  ·  Saturday * 8pm * $8

Jason Barker, Joel Sugarman, Bakru Hunsel and Tommy Hartley lay down some great blues & rock. High energy, expert musicianship and plenty of your favorite dance tunes.

Based in the Triangle, the Tornado Blues Band was formed as the backup for guitar icon Will McFarlane to play a relief benefit in 2011, after real tornados swept through the area. The (make believe) Tornados consist of Tommy Hartley, Jason Barker and Joel Sugarman and Bakru Hunsel. Tommy and Jason have been playing guitar and harmonizing together for over 25 years. They added Sugarman, one of the most prolific Triangle area bassists, to get, and keep the crowd dancing. The addition of Bakru Hunsel on drums & percussion, with his deep groove and exotic accents, get the Tornados crowds dancing even harder. The Tornados are at home playing many of the area’s favorite juke joints, and are known to keep the dance floor packed for hours at a time.