709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

BNG’s 8th Anniversary Kick Off: the bennys

May 25, 2018  ·  Friday * 6-8pm * NO Cover

Kicking off our 8th Anniversary – the benny’s fill in for The Duke Street Dogs!

About the bennys
NC music veterans, Rebecca Newton, Barry Gray, Wes Collins, and Mike Babyak joined musical forces to create the folk/americana band “the bennys” in 2016.  Each are songwriters/singers/players with gobs of experience and notoriety. The band performs originals and carefully curated covers from artists such as Gretchen Peters, Patty Griffin, and fellow NC musicians.  They’re vocal virtuosity along with guitars, mandolin, lap steel, bass, and interesting electric stringed instruments reflect strong energy and all around stellar musicianship.

Barry Gray – Greymatter, Triad Songwriter of the Year 2016
Wes Collins – Kerrville New Folk Winner 2015
Rebecca Newton – Rebecca & the Hi-Tones, Pinky and Duke, The Gig Crashers, and deemed a NC music impresario by columnist Jack Bernhardt.
Mike Babyak – Triple Fret and the guy sitting down playing on the stage at every major event in the Triangle.