709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

St. Patrick’s Day Party with Joe Bell & the Stinging Blades

March 17, 2017  ·  Friday * 9pm * $8

We’re greening it up for St. Paddy’s and you should too!  Get on over here for some good old Irish fun and games with Joe Bell & the Stinging Blades.

Conceived in cigarette smoke and nurtured on cold beer, the Stinging Blades are a bar band down to the marrow. Their mixture of Memphis Soul, New Orleans R&B, Blues, Rock & Roll, and finely honed original tunes all played with real feeling keeps a joint rocking. They never resort to the lowest common denominator in choice of tunes, but always try to lift the atmosphere to a higher plane while remaining anchored in carnal pelvic funk. This band jams! However, don’t think of them as a “jam band’. That’s not to say that they aren’t open to the ecstasies of psychedelic pandemonium. But when all is said and done, the pleasure found in a good groove well played is paramount for these fellows. If it’s feeling, quality tunes, and a healthy portion of Rock & Roll magic you desire, let the Blades cut off a slice for you.

REMEMBER There are no table guarantees on Friday nights. Please arrive after 8pm. Seating is first come/first serve in both the music room and the bar.