709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

Red Hot Mardi Gras Season Kickoff Party

January 9, 2016  ·  8pm/$8

Mardi Gras is coming, y’all! Everybody knows that Durham has the biggest, wildest Mardi Gras for miles around, and here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store, so dust off your beads and boas and come on out. While you’re at it, you can get inspired to start making those costumes, building those floats and all that jazz for Durham’s very own Mardi Gras celebration on Feb 9th.

Kick off the Mardi Gras Season in style with three fantastic groups that mix the best of Louisiana and North Carolina: Boom Unit Brass Band, The Bulltown Strutters, and MSA Cajun Band. All proceeds help put on this year’s Mardi Gras.

Boom Unit Brass Band:
What happens when a whole bunch of the best horns from a whole bunch of the hottest groups around decide to get together and form a group? You get one of the most exciting new bands in the Triangle. The funky, horn driven Boom Unit Brass Band will make you feel like you just arrived in a big ole party somewhere in New Orleans and the roof is about to blow off. This is a band that knows how to get a crowd on their feet and make the floor shake. This gumbo starts off with the modern New Orleans second line, giving Trombone Shorty and Rebirth Brass Band a run for their money. They don’t stop there, however, and you’re likely to hear everything from old school dixieland to rap. Whatever they do, be prepared to party.  Watch NOW!

The Bulltown Strutters:
The Bulltown Strutters have taken Durham by storm since their beginning as the house band at Durham’s quirky Beaver Queen Pageant. From that unlikely beginning they have emerged to become a Durham institution, with a crazy, carefree style that brings happiness and the party to everywhere they play. Successive waves of fans are born as friends drag their friends with explanations like, “OK, it’s kinda hard to explain, but you’re gonna love it.” And they do.

Like Boom Unit Brass Band, the Strutters find their inspiration in the New Orleans second line tradition. They base their gumbo on a solid respect for the old traditions, seasoned with hefty portion of Durham eccentricity, eclecticism, irreverence and downright craziness. They can go from a 1920’s classic, to a satirically rewritten and deranged Abba cover, to everybody dancing the Hokey Pokey, leading into a conga line, which dissolves into hard driving funk – all in the space of about 20 minutes. Shows often spill off the stage and into the audience, where the band’s wacky, costume-clad fan base will be all too happy to invite you into the fold.  Watch NOW!

MSA Cajun Band:
The MSA Cajun Band (Matt Haney, Sara Ploense, and Allin Cottrell) has been wowing central Carolina audiences for about 12 years. The band members have played with a wide variety of Cajun musicians inside and outside of Louisiana over the last 20 – 30 years. The repertoire of tunes and songs from musicians such as Joe Falcon, Dewey Balfa, Amade Breaux, and Bois Sec Ardoin features French vocals, Cajun Accordion, Rhythm guitar and fiddle. They will be joined by their good friend Amy Davis on triangle and vocals.