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709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

Pre-Mardi Gras Party: The Allen Boys/Bull Town Strutters

January 14, 2017  ·  Saturday * 8pm * $10


The Allen Boys

Sacred steel guitar uplifts its listeners. As pedal steel guitarist DaShawn Hickman says, “The music that we play makes you forget about everything that happened in the day and just have fun.”  The modern pedal steel guitar has its roots in Hawaiian lap steel, but African American House of God Churches transformed the playing style in the 1930s. Unlike in most other churches where a lead guitar or an organ drives a service, in this church the pedal steel guitar takes the lead—sometimes even mimicking singing. Beyond the church, sacred steel has grown popular thanks to the likes of Robert Randolph, The Campbell Brothers, and Calvin Cooke. Hickman grew up in the small, granite and wood House of God Church (Keith Dominion) in Mt. Airy. By age 7, he was practicing the steel, inspired by his mother, the church’s player-turned-minister. For more than a decade, Hickman has played with bassist Mitchel Fonville (Bottom Dropper), keyboardist Camron Moore (Smooth and Easy), and drummer Ranzy Moore (Big Foot) as The Allen Boys.  Today, The Allen Boys are North Carolina’s only touring sacred steel band.

The Bulltown Strutters
The Durham-based Bulltown Strutters bring the party and shift it into high gear with their raucous mix of old-school New Orleans classics and new-school New Orleans funk, powered by a massive horn section and an extra dose of Durham craziness. A street band? You got it. A stage show? Sure.

Parading inspired by the finest in New Orleans Second Line traditions? Absolutely!