709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

Mel Melton & the Wicked Mojos

October 24, 2015  ·  8pm/$10

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Mel Melton & The Wicked Mojos, a smokin’ Zydeco/Cajun flavored blues band out of North Carolina. For those not in the know, let’s meet the guys up close and…

MEL MELTON, on what was intended to be a brief visit to Lafayette LA in the early ’70s turned out to be a life-changing experience. There he met, played with and forged lasting relationships with Sonny Landreth and Cheniers Clifton, Cleveland and CJ. After a long stint with Bayou Rhythm, Mel took time off from the music rat-race to concentrate on a chef career (another facet developed and sharpened from the early Lafayette days). 1990 found him back in NC and back at music, having formed the first edition of The Wicked Mojos. In 2008 Mel opened a new hot Cajun restaurant called Papa Mojo’s Roadhouse (www.papamojosroadhouse.com). For a more detailed bio on Mel, please feel free to visit www.melmelton.com.

MAX DRAKE has been playing in and recording with blues/R&B bands such as Arhoolie, The Excellos and the Ministers of Sinister since the ’60s. More recently, he has lent his fiery fretwork to the late Skeeter Brandon and Big Bill Morganfield before joining forces with The Wicked Mojos in 2005. Max also performs with a stripped-down nasty blues/roots band known as The Buzzkillz (www.myspace.com/buzzkillzboogie).

T.A. JAMES, after a 3 year sabbatical (intracontinental freight relocation), hooked up with the Wicked Mojos at the very tail end of 2007. He logged much of 20 years as bassist and guitarist, having spent ’95-’03 as the low-end kingpin for the Carey Bell Band. More bio info for T.A. can be found at www.myspace.com/tajames68.

KELLY PACE logged road and recording time with Skeeter Brandon and an earlier version of Mel Melton & The Wicked Mojos (Mojo Dream) as throne man, and has also been a longtime member of Blues World Order. Kelly rejoined forces with the ‘Mojos in 2009.

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