709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701


May 21, 2016  ·  Saturday * 8pm * $6

Rollin’ like a freight-train into hi-octane Rock, Funk & Soul anthems, they give you a slick, new take on some of your favorite tunes earning them a 5-Star GigMasters Rating!
Any CROSSOVERDRIVE set will boldly weave a fabric of icons seemingly pulled from the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame itself… you can groove to an Aretha Franklin, Stevie Ray Vaughn or Steely Dan tune, a jumpin current hit by Pink or No Doubt & slide right into revived versions of great 60’s & 70’s party favorites by Mitch Ryder, Three Dog Night or the Rolling Stones and so much more.
This band is seriously ALIVE and makes these songs their own! Quiet reverance stirred with wild enthusiasm this band is relevant for anyone with 2 ears & a beating heart; at home in juke joints and festivals, swanky private parties and God-Lovin’ sanctuaries.  Seriously, I’m not sure I’ve seen a band cover this much ground!
Kris’ amazing lead vocals are worth it alone, but add Bobby’s bold, blues riffs, Alan’s razor-sharp, melodic guitar playin, Gary’s solid, funky bass & Chris’ big-energy, deep pocket drum grooves… then add the punch of a horn section – PAPOW!! Do yourself a favor & Check Em Out!!
-Mosley ‘Venderlip’ Jackson, The After Hours Review