709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

Matt Phillips & Barrett Brooks

January 12, 2017  ·  Thursday * 7-9pm * NO Cover

Matt Phillips comes from a long line of southern preachers, born in NC to a nurse & a psychologist. His lyrics are evocative & autobiographical, alluding to biblical history, transcendentalist literature, & notes from psych 101. With a parts guitar & a dynamic duo of guitar amps in tow, his tone is warm & familiar. In his 23 short years, he’s accumulated 10,000 hours of performance experience, from the North Carolina Boys Choir to the street corners of Chapel Hill. Matt will tell you the hardest truths in the sweetest way: “I must be onto something, ‘cause I smile when I play the blues.”

Barrett Brooks is a singer, songwriter and guitar player living in Durham, North Carolina.  He grew up in the metropolitan suburb of Alexandria, Virginia, graduated from St. John’s College in Maryland with a liberal arts degree and moved in with his banjo teacher the following winter on the banks of the Potomac river just outside Washington, D.C.  Time off from work at a cheese store in town was spent splitting wood for rent, writing songs and trying to play Piedmont blues.  He lost the $50 he made from his first gig at the finest dive in town, O’Shaugnessy’s, and got a $50 parking ticket the second time.

Come that summer the wind blew south and he picked up and moved to Durham with his sweetheart, where he’s been trying to figure it out ever since.  His music draws directly from America’s rich musical heritage, inspired heavily by the likes of Ray Charles, Mississippi John Hurt, Bob Dylan, Otis Redding, Ralph Stanley, Lonnie Johnson and many other heroes of blues, soul and country.

Barrett’s played at venues in Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough, and Carrboro, including Local 506, The Cave, Second Wind, Mystery Brewing Pub, Deep South, Motorco, Saladelia, Pleiades Art Gallery, and Rock’s Bar and Barbershop.  He performs his songs of learning, losing and loving straight from the gut, singing and playing in a distinct, raw, roots-first style.