709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

Lipbone Redding, Alice Zincone, & Jim Roberts

January 15, 2016  ·  9pm/$6

National touring artist and North Carolina native, Lipbone Redding, joins forces with local favorites, Alice Zincone (upright bass, vocals) and Jim Roberts (drums/percussion) for an evening of New Orleans inspired Blues, Southern style harmonies, hip shaking, rug cutting, and lots of laughs! Redding is equipped to get the party started…and anyone not moving and/or smiling needs to get their pulse checked because there is a good chance that they are dead and just don’t know it.” – Puremusic

Lipbone Redding has traveled the world with his guitar, nightly sharing music and tales with audiences for the past 15 years.

He weaves funky rhythms, catchy original songs, brash humor, soulful singing, and inventive guitar playing with exotic and percussive vocal sounds such as throat singing, bass and beat-boxing, and his astonishingly realistic lip-tromboning. The result is an experience that is hypnotic, groovy and, for a solo artist without the aid of electronic efx, amazingly complete.

More info at www.LIPBONE.com