709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

High Cotton

August 12, 2017  ·  Saturday * 8pm * $6

The Raleigh-based High Cotton R&B Review came together in 2012—the band has deep roots in the Memphis Blues tradition; lots of soul influence, some British and hints of Piedmont Blues, as well.  Co-founders, Kris “Cotton” Niebergall and Jim “Buffalo” Barbie began collaborating after jamming together at the Triangle Blues Society and similar open mic events.  The guys played house parties, freebies of all sorts, and still give benefit performances when the opportunities arise.  Memphis-born Kris Cotton began playing  at the age of 10, was a touring player at age 14, has a background in film, performance arts, and classical voice.  Jim “Buffalo” Barbee has strong gospel influences in this playing—he’s the son of a preacher man who received great musical training as a youngster—found it in the pew and choir loft.   The lineup, including Drew Questell, Santel Reid (drums), Tod Lapin (bass), brings together the Triangle’s best players in this genre—their enthusiasm is contagious and, their show is suburb.