709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

Good Rocking Sam CD Release Party

April 25, 2015  ·  8pm/$8

CD Release Party for “Other Side of Time”!

Good Rocking Sam is a blues/r & b/roots outfit out of Durham, NC, home of the Piedmont Blues. GRS is big into the blues, but doesn’t really call itself a blues band, we just take it all in and try to put something original back out…blues, Memphis soul, Motown, New Orleans, some old funk mixed up and served out to the world-wide internet. Here we are trolling the web, seeing if the long tail has room for a humble, yet sincere Triangle roots band.

GRS is Dave Sword (drums and vocals), Dave Mozier (keyboard, harp, vocals), Chuck Taylor (bass and vocals), and Mike Conway (guitar). We’ve all slugged it out in the clubs in tons of local bands, and have been crossing paths for years. GRS grew out of jams/songwriting sessions at Dave’s place in lovely Efland, NC, and these sessions continue every week. Once we get about a dozen tunes together, we haul out the gear, and bounce between home studios to put it all down.

GRS is an ongoing writing and performing collective, we have tons of songs laying about in various stages of completion, so there’s always something new. After having the best intentions for a while, the goal is to start putting out our work here, under Creative Commons licensing. This means older stuff, and new stuff as it comes to completion. Look for us on the web, stick us on your iPod, and come see and support original roots music in the Triangle!