709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

Free For All Fridays: Atomic Organ Trio/Ryan Harris’s Birthday!

March 18, 2016  ·  Friday * 9pm * NO Cover

What better way to celebrate your own birthday than playing with your band at the Blue Note Grill on a Friday night? Don’t let Ryan Harris turn another year older without YOUR help!

Atomic Organ Trio is:

Walter Hannah – Organ, Keys, Bass
Walter is jazz organ player at his core. Originally a bass player, he craved an instrument that demanded multitasking. The rich complexity of music is what drew Walter in from a young age. His first instrument was saxophone at age 10, and the only reason he took it up was to figure what all the buttons were for. Walter has since played in a variety of formats including piano trio, afrobeat super-group, and hip hop backing band, but he is most comfortable in an organ trio. Walter’s compositions weave bebop melodies into modern harmonic structures over hip hop cadences. He is also a huge nerd about math, weather, and economics. His kryptonite is coconut M&M’s.

Josh Stohl – Drums
Josh has played drums for over two decades. While studying music at the University of North Texas, he participated heavily in the steel drum, Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian ensembles and developed a deep love for the backbeat. Josh moved to North Carolina in 2004, where he earned his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and now works to improve speech and music perception with cochlear implants.

Ryan Harris – Guitar & Vocals
Ryan came up playing bass in the 90s-2000s funk/soul scene in Boston and NYC. After moving to North Carolina in 2006, he eventually picked up playing slide guitar in Open E tuning, and shortly after started singing. Ryan has fronted two bands in the Raleigh area–JetHorse and The Ryan Harris Band–in addition to being a regular guest with other notable acts in the Raleigh/Chapel Hill/Durham music scene. By day he teaches science, and when not making music, he enjoys Star Wars, family time, and bacon.

Sooo… 3 science nerds.