709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY: The Fat Bastards Blues Band/Kelly Howerton

July 22, 2016  ·  Friday * 9pm * NO Cover

The TBS Road2Memphis winners return to the scene of the crime after at the IBC!

Full Frontal Blues, baby!
Fat Bastard Blues Band was put together by Carl Wetter in the fall of 2009. A few weeks and two rehearsals later, the band played their first gig and won the Triangle Blues Society’s Blues Challenge.Although the band was put together in a moment of inspiration, the individual Bastards have a long history together. Jason Simons, Kevin Payne and front man Carl Wetter played together during their college days in upstate New York. Tim Collins and David Terrenoire met at a local blues jam ten years ago and have played together in one band or another ever since.That’s the history.Today, their music jumps up and shakes a room with performances that mark this band as a force of nature, a blue wind that rattles the trees like an oncoming storm.Since their formation they have played the Memphis Blues Challenge, opened the 2010 Bull Durham Blues Festival and have kept local fans dancing as if the floor was on fire.Why Fat Bastards? We are the illegitimate children of all the players who have taken the stage before us. Our goal is to energize our roots by taking something from all of our influences and putting that cross-cultural magic back into the blues, America’s music.

And we come out fat, with nothing held back.

2009 Triangle Blues Society Blues Challenge Winner
2012 Cape Fear Blues Society Blues Challenge Winner
2015  Triangle Blues Society Blues Challenge Winner

Kelly Howerton is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter originally from Missouri who now finds himself living in Durham by way of Des Moines, Iowa. Winner of the Triangle Blues Society’s solo/duo competition he represented the society at the 2016 International Blues Competition in Memphis, Tennessee.

He excels at bringing a diverse spectrum of sounds to his live performances. From acoustic fingerpicked guitar with self-accompaniment on harmonica, to electric bottleneck blues guitar, to honky-tonk piano playing, Kelly Howerton is a one-man variety show. However what does remain constant throughout Kelly’s performances is his commitment to good quality songwriting and meaningful lyrics.

When he had the opportunity to play at the American Roots Music & Arts Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina, Blackbird Production Partners described him as a “prolific songwriter with beautiful melodies who should not be missed.”

For Kelly, it is all about the song and the story within it; the music is simply a vehicle, but it’s a hell of a ride!