709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

Free For All Friday: Logie Meachum & the After Hours Band

May 6, 2016  ·  Friday * 9pm * NO Cover

Lorenzo “Logie” Meachum and William “Bubba” Klinefelter go way back with the Piedmont Blues Preservation Society, the group responsible for organizing the Carolina Blues Festival. Klinefelter describes himself and his wife, Shiela, as “cornerstone performers” in early blues society events. Shiela Klinefelter took a turn as vice-president of the organization. So the acoustic act of Bump & Logie as opener for an afternoon of scintillating classic blues could be considered a natural fit.

Bump & Logie play the acoustic blues with a rollicking and full-bodied approach that sounds too big to come from acoustic instruments. Fittingly, these bluesmen lack nothing in self-confidence. To appreciate their full power, Meachum suggests, they should be heard in their plugged-in incarnation with Shiela Klinefelter on bass and Chuck Cotton on drums. The full quartet plays under the moniker of the After-Hours Blues Band. All four, Meachum points out, are winners of the blues society’s Keepin’ the Blues Alive Award.

All of them are busy workaday musicians, and Bump & Logie is just one of many configurations that allows them the flexibility to accommodate demanding schedules and limited venue budgets.

The After-Hours Blues Band “is who we really wanted to open it,” Meachum says. “They couldn’t follow us because we would be so hot. All that money they paid them big boys to come here, we’ll kick their ass.”