709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

FFAF: The Claptones

May 26, 2017  ·  Friday * 9pm * NO Cover

 It’s Free For All Friday and we’re welcoming back The Claptones!
The Claptones are a rock and roll band whose music has a heavy blues flavor influenced by Albert, Freddie, and BB King, Buddy Guy and all the electric 60s blues and rock bands including Cream, Hendrix, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos, ZZ Top, JJ Cale, and of course Eric Clapton (hence the name).  The band originally formed in the 1980s when 5 musicians with a passion for the music of Eric Clapton came together to play in the Triangle area.  After several reincarnations, and after stints with other bands, in 2013 three of the original members reunited, including frontman Al Dawson (guitar and vocals), Rick Parks (guitar), and drummer Brian Murray, with additional members bassist Mike Gallimore and vocalist/guitarist Jay Cunnigham.  In addition to the music of Eric Clapton, the Durham based band captures all the moods of the blues and rock standards.  Expect to hear great guitar licks and awesome vocals, with a tight groove.  It’s just as easy to sit, watch and listen as it is to get up and dance to some of the great blues standards.
Band Members:
Rick Parks (Guitar – Hip Movers, The Claptones)
Al Dawson (Guitar, vocals – Windfall, The Claptones, The Billitones)
Jay Cunningham (guitar, vocals – Billitones, Windfall, The Claptones)
Mike Gallimore (bass – Hip Movers, Southwing, The Claptones)
Brian Murray (drums – Windfall, Hip Movers, Safehouse, Southwind, The Claptones)