709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

Davis Messina Band

September 29, 2017  ·  Friday * 9pm * $8

No matter the occasion, The Davis Messina Band will make it an event you’ll never forget with a wide range of music…beach, country and rock n roll ….

RON DAVIS is lead guitarist and lead male vocalist. He is a natural entertainer who has years of experience in many venues across the Southeast. His enthusiasm is contagious—he truly loves playing and loves interacting with the audience. His versatility in musical styles is impressive and entertaining, as he performs Rock and Roll, Country, Blues, Beach, Ballads and Easy Listening, all with his natural energetic style and passion for performing. His great vocals, impressive guitar abilities and hot solos contribute a professionalism that comes through during every band performance.

KATHY MESSINA … As lead female vocalist, Kathy’s high energy and incredible vocal talent draw an audience in and wows them. She truly enjoys interacting with the audience and is definitely at ease with a crowd. Kathy first began singing gospel in church as a child, and was often told that she sang too loud —-it seemed only natural that she moved on to Rock and Roll. She has great pipes, but her vocal range lends versatility to the band as she is an accomplished singer of Jazz Standards, Blues, Country, and of course Rock and Roll. Not many chicks can sing like this!!

DONNA DAVIS is Versatility Plus for the band, from keyboards (piano, synth, horn and string parts) to her bluesy organ, fiddle, and mandolin fills, as well as backup vocals. This versatility and her musical focus are true assets for any variety band. Donna has played music since early childhood, starting with classical piano and progressing to Rock and Roll, as she played in several bands over the last ten years. She and husband Ron Davis, the lead guitarist of Davis and Messina, both have a true passion for music that is shared with friends and family, and of course with the Davis and Messina Band.

DAVE MARKHAM has been playing drums since he was about four years old. Over the years Dave has played in various cover bands ranging from blues, pop and country as well as participating in original songwriting bands. He has been perfecting his technique and branching out into percussion as well as conventional drumming. His rock solid beat is the backbone of the Davis Messina Band and the variety that the band performs shows off Dave’s drumming versatility from the finesse of the brushes to full out power drumming.

LANCE YOUNGQUIST … The “Funk-Meister” of the band is Lance on bass. He also contributes with back-up vocals. Lance has played bass for many years and has been in several bands ranging from blues bands to praise bands. He has often been called on to perform as a guest player for local venues covering a wide variety of material. His diligence to detail and work ethic has resulted in Lance being one of the most versatile players in the area with his ability to play many various musical styles. Together, Lance on bass and Dave on drums give strong unity to the groove of Davis and Messina Band —this is one of the main reasons that this is such a great dance band.

EDDIE BLAIR is a regular guest player who plays often with Davis and Messina Band, adding a new dimension of sound and excitement with his awesome saxophone talent. He also expands the bands repertoire with his soulful lead vocals as well as keyboards—Eddie extends the band to the incredible versatility of three lead vocalists and two keyboard players. His soaring saxophone solos are guaranteed crowd pleasers. Eddie is an original member of the well known Nantucket band—this band still performs, and he is also a member of The Legends of Beach and other local groups. Eddie’s passion for music is obvious.

Our Song List can be found below in the Blog Section or at www.davismessinaband.com