709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

Armand Lenchek, Danny Gotham and Carter Minor

December 30, 2018  ·  5-7pm/NO Cover

An acoustic afternoon with Armand Lenchek, Danny Gotham, and Carter Minor. Expect magic!

Touring and playing for many years, Armand brings years of experience and loads of talent to the stage. High energy blues and R&B. Get here early for this one..oh….and bring your dancing shoes!

After a nearly two decade apprenticeship playing behind the likes of Skeeter Brandon, Walter “Lightnin’ Bug” Rhodes and Nappy Brown, Chapel Hill, NC based guitarist Armand Lenchek assumed the role of bandleader with a vengeance on his solo debut, Everything I Need. He’s back again, still in front of the rotating crew of blues breakers he calls Bluesology.

Although he can shred with the best of them, Lenchek has mastered one of the most difficult skills in any guitarist’s repertoire: restraint. He plays every note he needs to, and not a note more. Sometimes that’s a blistering fury, sometimes it’s a laid back shuffle, every time it’s just what the song calls for.

Danny Gotham, composer and master of many a stringed instrument,  can command a room with just his first note.

Add in power vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and well-loved Chapel Hill native Carter Minor and all there can be is pure joy!

Carter’s talents – he also plays bass and saxaphone – are well-loved and respected in the area. His musical resume includes Heartwood, Nightshift, Steps, The Powerhitters, and String of Pearls, and ore recently performing with Armand and Bluesology, Doug Prescott Band, Danny Gotham, Robert Griffin and Scott Sawyer. He is currently a music teacher and band director at Cary Christian School and Associate Minister at Hickory Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Chapel Hill.