709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

Blue Note Grill’s First Annual Octoberfest with North Carolina Polka Time Allstars

October 2, 2021  ·  Saturday * 1-4pm * NO Cover

The North Carolina Polka Time Allstars feature the finest polka music played by the finest polka people!  Based in Durham, NC, the group is directed by William Dawson (proud lifetime member of The International Polka Association), who grew up with a passion for polka in the polka-loving town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Since moving to North Carolina, William has assembled the finest musicians in the land to perform favorites such as “Beer Barrel Polka”, “Pennsylvania Polka”, and of course the Frankie Yankovic hit “Just Because”, along with new classics like “Give Me That Old Time Polka”.  Fun for the whole family, their motto is simple:  “North Carolina, it’s POLKA TIME!”

WEBPAGE:  www.northcarolinapolkatimeallstars.com