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ARMAND & FRIENDS: Benefit for The Crees Foundation

March 13, 2016  ·  Sunday * 5pm

Spend an afternoon with some fine music all while helping support a great cause!

A group of fifteen Upper School students and three chaperones from Carolina Friends School will be travelling to Peru in May 2016 to participate in the work of the Crees Foundation to promote sustainable resource management in the Manu Biosphere Reserve. The area is home to an amazing array of wildlife and also indigenous people and immigrant settlers.

The foundation has developed three core programs focusing on its sustainable development approach and has gained recognition from the Peruvian government for its work. The group from Carolina Friends School will contribute to all three projects during their two-week stay.

The Grow Project in the local community of Salvación, is an initiative of a local resident, Raynaldo Ochoa supported by crees, to create biogardens, and agroforestry to replace slash and burn farming methods. The fresh produce is improving the health and economic wealth of the surrounding community while reducing impact on the forest. This is a win for the people and for wildlife. Carolina Friends School students will help create a covered biogarden for a family and plant tree seedlings interspersed with crop plants to help reestablish forest together with sustainable production of crops providing more economic security for the community.

The Education Project provides training for the local people to make them aware of the positive impact of the Grow Project. Carolina Friends School students will participate in the work of crees with the children of Salvación who visit Manu Learning Center and are taken into the forest to witness its biodiversity and to come to understand its many services and global significance. The purpose is to foster interest in conservation and empower the children as its advocates.

The Research Program at Manu Learning Center and in the surrounding area aims to demonstrate the conservation and ecosystem value of regenerating rainforest. Carolina Friends School students will be involved in the ongoing projects of monitoring the positive change over time in the diversity of all the wildlife of the forest, plants, amphibians, reptiles, butterflies and mammals, reestablishing themselves in secondary forest from the nearby primary forest. The students will help monitor bird activity in the wetlands and at the clay lick that attracts macaws and parrots at dawn daily, record the sightings of the diverse species of monkeys that inhabit the forest, participate in night walks and collect data on nocturnal animals, trap butterflies to identify, measure, record and release them and examine data from camera traps which capture images of the more elusive animals of the forest including puma and jaguar. The ultimate purpose of this program is to provide a basis for securing protection and promotion of secondary forest along with the pristine primary forest of Manu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The involvement of Carolina Friends School in these programs requires money to pay for materials and supplies, many river crossings by boat, and for our many guides throughout the two weeks we will be working for crees at Manu Learning Center. In the process of this work we will experience the forefront of conservation and live in community with the researchers at Manu Learning Center.

We thank you for your support!