709 Washington Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701

A Benefit for Kim Hawks led by Local Musicians

April 10, 2016  ·  Sunday * 2-8pm * $5

 Kim Hawks is fighting to beat esophageal cancer. She just completed 5 weeks of daily radiation & weekly chemotherapy infusions.  In the next couple weeks she’s preparing for surgery:  a 2 week hospital recovery followed by several months of recovery at home. There are many unforeseen events & expenses not covered by my medical insurance that require additional funds.  Please come to raise some funds via performances by some of Kim’s favorite local bands as well as a silent auction by members of the community.  Some of Kim Hawks’ photograpghs will also be a part of the silent auction.  Have a great lunch at the BNG or drop by drop by to say hello to Kim and wish her well.

(At this time Kim’s immune system is very weak.  “Virtual” Hugs are great!)

The Lineup

2:00 – 2:35  The Duke Street Dawgs
2:50 – 3:25  Chico w/Miles Beyond
3:40 – 4:15  Alice and the Cheshire Cats
4:40 – 5:05  The Swang Bros
5:20 – 5:55  The Tornado Blues Band
6:10 – 6:45  The Five
7:00 – until  Joe Bell and the Stinging Blades
There will be a silent auction that closes at 6pm.  Donations encouraged and deeply appreciated!

I have a strong Multidisciplinary Oncology Team managing my care & healing.  I have the invaluable gift of a very strong support group of family, friends, work family & members of extended communities. Your thoughts & prayers can be a huge help to me, a holding of positive energy that my body & spirit can use for healing, joy & peace.  When you think of me, visualize me as a vibrant & healthy.  Those of you who know me via Niche Gardens, visualize me happy offering nursery-propagated native wildflowers to customers all over the country.  Those of you who know how I love to dance, picture me happy & joyful on the dance floor or taking a break & capturing the synergy of the band with the crowd & dancers through my lens.

Those of you who have shared time with me in nature, remember how we were so full of awe & at peace in nature witnessing a sunrise, a sunset, a flock of birds flushing out & pointing our lens outward to record some of the magic.  Those of you who kayaked & camped with me by beautiful NC rivers, remember the breathtaking beauty & the thrills of river adventures we shared.  As my friend, remember the times we’ve laughed & played together.

If you pray, visualize, meditate, drum, affirm or whatever your method of projecting healing energy, do so with the knowing of my aliveness, vibrancy and thankfulness for life, for you and for nature.

Thank you for helping raise the vibration of the group energy for healing, clarity in decision making & protection for me and those looking after me.